Factoryville Sportsmen's Club
Phone: 378-CLUB or 378-2593

Membership & Dues Information

New members must be approved by a voice vote of members present at a monthly meeting.

Membership Application
  1. Current dues: how much and where to send payments.

  2. Dues for the following year are due and payable by the end of the calendar year. Payment of dues will be accepted beginning on November 1. A grace period for payment without penalty will last until the general meeting in February. (last Wednesday)

  3. All FSC members must also join the the National Rifle Association (NRA) and must retain membership in the NRA as long as they remain members of FSC. The Membership Secretary is an NRA recruiter and can provide NRA memberships for $25 per year.

  4. All members must have a security code to enter the clubhouse.

  5. All members are required to sell or purchase a minimum of twenty (20) one dollar raffle tickets for the November turkey dinner/shoot.
  6. Note: Tickets must be picked up at the clubhouse. Tickets will be available from the meeting night in August or anytime at club. Tickets must be turned in by the day of the Turkey Diner. No dues will be accepted for the following year until Turkey Raffle tickets are paid for.

  7. Late payment of dues (after the end of February) will result in a $25.00 late fee.

  8. Elections: Members must attend six (6) regular meetings during the period October to September in order to be eligible to vote for officers and trustees at the October meeting. Members must attend nine (9) regular meetings to be eligible to run for office.

     8.  Be sure to sign in at meetings, since members who don’t sign the roster don’t get credit for attending
          the meeting.
         Note: Nominations are accepted at the September meeting only.
         Elections are at the October meeting.

     9.  Members must abide by all FSC rules at all times. (if in doubt, please ask)
          Safety rules and safe practice must remain a priority.

     10.  FSC has many special fund raising events such as: Super Gun, Beast Feast, and Turkey Dinner to
            help support us. We can always use your help and ideas for these and other events. Please ask for

     11. FSC also hosts an annual Scholarship Shoot which allows us to offer three (3) scholarships
           each year.

     12.  FSC offers two (2)50 yd. pistol ranges, 100 yd./200 yd. rifle range, trap, sporting clays course,
            5-stand, black powder and a 3-D archery course. Other features include a bbq pit, garage
            and pole barn which houses the necessary equipment to maintain the grounds. The clubhouse has a
            game room for members. FSC also has an on-sight caretaker who resides with his family in the
            mobile home near the clubhouse.

     13. Members will receive a newsletter of club activities every other monthly e-mail (preferred) or by

     14. FSC is recognized as the largest independent sportsmen’s club in PA. We are a progressive and
           expanding club dedicated to the present and future development of the shooting sports and

     15.  FSC is a member of:

               National Rifle Association
               Rifle & Pistol Association
               Wyoming Co. Chamber of Commerce
               PA Tree Farm Association
               Pa. Adopt A Highway

               FSC also supports many local fundraisers and activities, with an emphasis on supporting
               the youth of the community.

              We hope you will enjoy the club facilities and get to know the other members.


All scheduled events are open to the public. (see schedule card)

Exceptions: Members Appreciation Day. Club Championship.

All other use of the ranges require membership in FSC

All members~ please wear your membership pin and display your parking pass when using the ranges.